Crawling down the coast, we stayed the night in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. It's a massive park along the coast with multiple hikes and endless redwoods. Redwoods are gorgeous. And massive. I had an idea of the size, but looking at one, or going inside one, is a different story. The stars were absolutely beautiful at night. I was just surrounded by beauty. After our big San Fran excursion, this was a perfect wind down. 

The next morning, we ventured to Julia Burns State Park, found not too much further down the coast. I had my eye on it from when I first started planning this trip. There is a small trail along the coast where the colors pop and the sea sprays your face. They have two campsites on the cliffs that you can get a reservation for about one year in advance. I'll get there one day.

After that little hike, we hopped in the "boat" towards the beach to meet Jenny's family down in Ventura. You can find me sleeping in the sand and eating sushi for the next few days. The trek is almost over and I can feel myself getting anxious for our final destination. I've gotten so comfortable in my little Subie, but I know this journey is leading to something exciting at the end.