One of the major hypes of my cross country road trip has been Yellowstone National Park. If you've never been to Yellowstone, its located in Northwestern Wyoming, spanning over 3,500 square miles. Not knowing too much about the park going in, we entered from the eastern entrance mid afternoon, as a storm was rolling in. The scenery was expansive and glorious, albeit the drastic weather change in an area with no other cars or people. The entrance was empty of park rangers and the box of park maps was also empty. Without trying to panic, I used my best wilderness intuition and the occasional road sign to get us to our campsite at Bridge Bay.

The next day we got up before dawn to make coffee and hit the road. We aimed high, to loop through the entire park and see everything. First we hit the colorful Grand Canyon, which is quite a sight.

Heading north, we made our way to the Mammoth Hot Springs. This place was somewhat smelly and absolutely gorgeous. It felt like we were on another planet, with layers of travertine (limestone), and dead trees sprouting out of what looked like Mars.

We added a quick hike, stopped along the drive when we were drawn to something, and ended our day at the Old Faithful geyser for sunset. We even met a friend on the way!

We drove back to home base in another thunderstorm. It wasn’t all bad because when lightning would strike, it was lighting the sky and the tunnel of tall pine trees around us. But I would never do that drive again. With the hail, trees, lightning, and black sky I thought I was somewhat close to losing my life. Stay safe out there, kids!