Driving out of Canada, we dropped Anna off in Camden, and ventured down the coast towards Boston, with our destination in Rochester, New York. 

Stopping for lunch in Portland, Maine, we went aboard DiMillo's on the Water, a massive yacht turned restaurant that's docked in Portland harbor. It's a classy joint with killer seafood and nautical surroundings. 

Back in the car, we drove towards Massachusetts. Making a stop in Wayland, we walked through Walden Pond with my Aunt and got a bowl of New England clam chowder. This part of Massachusetts is particularly beautiful, I'm so glad we stopped. 

Making it to Rochester, we met our friend Abby, who gave us a tour of downtown. It was a little dark by the time we got there, but we got the vibe of the city and had a few drinks. We slept very well that night. In the morning, we went back downtown to grab coffee from the aesthetically pleasing Java's Cafe to caffeinate for the road. This road trip is in full swing, now that we're on the road most of the day. Off to Niagara Falls!