We grabbed a ferry in the early morning to Mykonos, the "beach" island. The ride was long, but entertaining, due to the scenic Greek islands we passed along the way. We arrived in Mykonos, and found our transport bus to our accommodation, Paraga Beach Hostel. We arrived to the campsite, complete with our own little bungalo and cove along the water.  If you're looking for an island just to relax at and enjoy spectacular views of the beach from every point, this is the island to go to. Meeting other travelers in Paraga Beach, we ventured to Paradise Beach, which is known as the best beach in the world. It was gorgeous, but surprisingly rocky. One evening we went into town, to dance our booties off and drink the Greek Ouzo. It kind of tastes like black licorice.

We spent the next morning strolling through the city center, admiring the beautiful white houses and oceanside restaurants. Mykonos is THE island for parties, beaches, and letting loose. It was great to spend some time relaxing from the real world and letting the glittering paradise take me away.