The kerunge gang! Every day, to and from the orphanage, I am greeted by these little kids. The ritual is, I say “oreota” (how are you?) and in unison with a somewhat dissonant harmony I get the “kerunge” response (I am fine). I get pretty excited every time I approach because their little street gang is so adorable and welcoming. And they respond in harmony. I love it. 

On Tuesday night, Robby and I said goodbye at the orphanage and ventured to Murchison Falls with some other volunteers to fit in a quick safari. I figured it would be a good idea to be a tourist for a couple days before I leave. And it was a great safari! But at the same time, it is hard to still be in Uganda and not be in Fort Portal at Ibonde. Since my last post, I have mostly been playing with the kids and washing more pots! I also helped decorate the small communal room in the orphanage with the kids and got to take part in the youth group dance practice for the local church. I'm still just getting used to the continuous passion spilling out of these kids every day. Mamma J also taught me how to make chapati! We'll see if I can replicate it in the states.

As a parting gift, Robby and I bought trees to plant at the orphanage. They spoke of needing more shade, and in a couple years, they will! Here is a picture of Robby on a boda boda with only half of our tree investment. 

I will be able to reflect more when I am home in a couple of days, but until then, here are some safari pictures!