6 days and counting till I venture off to Kampala, Uganda for what I expect to be a trip of a lifetime! I will be spending three weeks working and teaching at an orphanage through IVHQ, a volunteer travel organization.  It's hard to believe that this whole thing came together when the odds were so against me at first.

Roadblocks included but were not limited to:

  • parents

  • money

Well actually thats pretty much it. Because my head was already in it from the start and I knew there was nothing to lose. Only infinity x infinity of things to gain. After many brawls on the phone with my two loving yet overly-cautious parents, long time friend and multiple-time traveler to Africa, Lauren Stanley, stepped in to ease their worries. Secondly, came my need for the funds. This trip means enough to me that I have no qualms with paying out of my own pocket, but my wish is that I could get help any way. I accepted donations from family and friends, easing my expenses (although I should probably sell my pancreas after all the vaccinations I received to handle that bill).

I was really surprised by the response I got from so many people wanting to get me to Uganda. I sincerely thank everyone who donated to getting my booty overseas and on my way to the orphanage. As of now I'm mentally packing (packing is a task too far-fetched right now). I skyped with Robby Raeder last night (my travel buddy) for a swanky show-and-tell sesh of our various trinkets that will keep us alive and well.

Almost everything is compact enough to lighten my load - my shampoo is the size of a listerine pocket pack that comes with shampoo leaves. We'll see how clean I can stay. You won't be able to smell me through this blog, but I'll try and include some visual aids to give you a vivid idea.

I'll embark on a full day of flights (over 24 hours)...on Friday the 13th. Regardless, I feel so blessed to be able to take this trip around the world to do what I love and get to know people from a completely different walk of life.

I just have to keep breathing. I'm trying to keep the shortness of breath symptoms to a minimum. Lets do this thing baby.

Currently Reading - The Voluntourist by Ken Budd