Cruising around the Caribbean with my college roommate, Anna, who's working for Disney, we spent a day driving around the island of Cozumel. Cozumel is quite underdeveloped, with only one major road looping around one half of the island. Much of the day was focused on exploring the nearby Mayan ruins, sipping margaritas, and jumping into the Caribbean Sea. 

Arriving in the morning, we rented a car and headed to the San Gervasio ruins. These ruins are an archeological site of Mayan civilization, dating most of the construction back to 1000-1200 AD. Littered with camouflaged iguanas and history-a-plenty, we wandered the fields and pastures, coming across multiple structures that still resembled buildings. 

Back in the car, we drove towards the other coast, facing into the Caribbean Sea. The drive along the coast is absolutely gorgeous and green. Being my first time to Mexico, I never realized that it would be so lush with rainforest, but the harsh green brush along the water was breathtaking. Stopping at the infamous Coconuts Bar & Grill, Anna and I took a break to sit along the waterfront and sip on margaritas. This place was absolute paradise mixed with epic sass. Most of the signs are sporting dirty jokes and funny Mexican slang. Coconuts is a must in Cozumel. 

Driving back towards the port, we outran a storm, getting back into town to return our car and some extra time to enjoy the newly sun-filled sky. Crossing the street to Jeanie's for one last margarita, we grabbed a table all the way at the back along the water. Old brick walls are lining the edge, some climbable, making jumping into the sea a reality! Conveniently located to the port, we jumped off the cliffs until it was time to head onboard the ship. 

This quick adventure day reminded me that no matter how short on time you are, its possible to get out and see something new. Although this was my first trip to Mexico, it won't be the last. I have to go back to finish the margarita I left on the table at Jeanie's.