Leaving Yellowstone, we drove to Grand Tetons National Park, about a two hour drive south to Jenny Lake. With looming fog, Jenny (my travel buddy) wasn't feeling a hike. But I insisted hopping on a boat, crossing the lake, and hiking up to Inspiration Point in Cascade Canyon. It was pretty cold, but entirely worth it. We were literally climbing through the clouds. I can't wait to go back to Grand Teton National Park one day and really get up those mountain ranges. 

From there, we continued south to Jackson for lunch. We wandered the small town, and found a burger joint to make up for the canned beans we’d been eating the last few days. Liberty Burger fit our needs, where we sat next to two older locals, who were charmed by our tales from the road and bought our lunch! During this trip, I’ve had a lot of good fortunes such as this one thrown my way, which is not only awesome but also a pleasant confirmation that good hearted people are everywhere. 

Heading out of Jackson, we wound our way through another mountain range and into Idaho. This is where I learned that tumbleweeds are indeed a thing, not just from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. They danced in front of the Subaru for the last leg of our drive. We got in right during the storms peak and slept very, very well.