After a quick overnight in Michigan, we took off for Chicago in the morning. On the way, Jenny had the great idea of stopping in Gary, Indiana. It sounded like the kind of place where all our Music Man dreams would come true, plus Jenny had researched an abandoned Methodist Church that now had pools of water inside making beautiful reflections of the old architecture. Turns out, Gary, Indiana is one of the scariest cities in America. Don't ever go there. Just look at these pictures we got on our drive by tour instead. We would have gone inside, but I didn't have a gun on me, so we decided to skip that.

Being Jenny's first time in the windy city, we decided to spend a few days seeing the sights. We stayed with our friends, Patty and Katie, from school, who couldn’t have been better hosts. The two of them collectively made a list of things for us to see and do.

We had a lovely brunch accompanied with the best Bloody Mary I've ever come in contact with at Southport Grocery. They had Bread Pudding pancakes, which I couldn’t pass up and demanded the table to order one to share. Dear. Lord. 

We also wanted to truly culture ourselves with Chicago’s finest artistic attributes, so we headed to Revolution Brewing, the brewery that stars in the movie, Drinking Buddies.

We saw a comedy show at the IO Improv Theatre. During their intermission section, they grabbed Jenny from the audience, who shared a bit of our stories from the road trip, which they then made an improv skit out of. It was great to watch them make fun of all the stupid things we’d done so far on the road. They were pretty on point.

At night, we found ourselves at The Subterranean for a quick dance session on “Baltic Music Night”. We danced among the Latvian greats. It was quite the un-american eclectic crowd of Chicago, and I learned a lot of new moves. Bringin’ those to LA.