Whenever I had a day off from obligations in London, I would make my way down to Richmond, the southwestern tip of London, reachable by the tube. Upon moving to London, a family friend from home suggested I meet her niece from New Zealand, now living in Richmond. With her and her husbands guidance, I now know Richmond as if it were my own turf. 

With beautiful walks along the Thames river, regardless of the weather, the town is a modern twist on classic London. Gorgeous homes line the river from both sides, giving you plenty to look at as you walk past Richmond Bridge towards Richmond Park, the biggest park in London. Be sure to stop in The White Cross for a pint accompanied with a good view. 

Richmond Park is full with fields of wildlife and history. You can even walk up to the top of King Henry's Mound, and look through the telescope paving a clear path all the way to St. Paul's Cathedral. 

One day trip, Alex and I used scooters to cross the river and explore the other side of town. We happened upon Marble Hill House, the set location for many English films, and The Naked Ladies statues in Twickenham. While in Twickenham, stop in Your Bakery Whitton for a cupcake!