We took a bus and a train to Dublin, where we stayed with Alex's friend, Mark, in Portmarnock, a touristy beach town about 20 minutes outside of Dublin. Upon getting there I realized, I don't know of any "touristy" landmarks or anything in Dublin, besides Trinity College. So we spent most of the time walking around and drinking Guinness. It was snowing and so painfully cold, but with our "Guinness blankets of warmth", we were able to see a lot.

We walked along Grafton Street, dancing to the street musicians, explored through Trinity College, and hit the Guinness Storehouse. It was hard for me to take the museum seriously because as historical as it's beer. Regardless, the Guinness is the best I've ever tasted. The tour includes a free beer on the top floor of the Museum, providing a beautiful, expansive view of Dublin. 

The next day, we had beautiful weather and explored Portmarnock. We made our way to Malahide Castle, a 12th century beauty, located near the coast.

Meeting Mark and some of his friends, we were able to 'do as the locals do,' and just follow their lead through their city. I love learning about a city's gems through someone who lives there. The inside scoop method.

I don't know how we did this, but we just had a quick vacation in another country over the weekend and made it to class on Monday. I'm loving this.