So on Friday, two friends and I took a day trip to Cambridge. It was just beautiful. The fact that it's a "college town" baffled me. If I went to college there, I would feel like I was living in a romance novel. There are many different colleges that are part of Cambridge University, and we wandered through the campuses, ignoring the "no tourists" and "students only" signs. My favorite was King's College. Most of the buildings collide with the River Cam, providing gorgeous reflections of the architecture on the water.

We ended the night at the Eagle Pub, a highly historic bar. And you know, we went for the history. It was huge and had endless rooms and even a few tables inside concave parts of the wall! Apparently, its where Watson and Crick figured out the structure of DNA while they were drinking a few pints. I don't think there are any major discoveries of that sort coming out of the Garage Door bar in Pittsburgh. 

P.S. There's currently a horse meat scandal in Britain. They're taking meat off the shelves of all the main grocery stores due to traces of horse meat in beef! You can read a biased article that promotes vegetarianism here