I've been spending my free nights planning trips to other countries, but have become aware that I can't leave charming ol' London in the dust. I have to make sure I continue my London walking tours on a regular basis. I think it's the best way to acquaint yourself with a part of town and the people who live in it.

I spent the morning in Soho, since I didn't have class until 2. I people watched my way down Oxford street, the famous shopping street with all the high end stores and walked through the ENTIRE area. Let me just tell you, everyone on that street was a model. I was happy to know that HBO's Girls accurately depicts British girls in their 20's because they all looked like Jessa. Long flowing hair and bowler hats. All the men had stylish haircuts and popped the collars on their pea coats.

 Then I stumbled through a few book shops and found myself in The West End. It was like all these different areas that make the city a good one were all in two blocks of each other. I walked by the TKTS booth in the theatre square and took in the tranquility that is not present in New York. It had trees on all sides and no line, although it was 12 in the afternoon.

I found a coffee shop down an alleyway the size of my fist. The shop, Flat White, was the size of an average bathroom. It was my favorite place of the day. Since I do still have lots of reading material for school, I brought it with me and perused articles from Political Science for a while. I know I need to still spend time completing my work, but I figured its worth the trek and the tube money to do my homework IN the city of London, because I live here now (cue to pinch me).

I finished my latte and walked into The Hummingbird BakerySo I grabbed some for Alex and I to nibble on during class and headed to school. This is when I concluded why every model ornamenting the sidewalks of Oxford St were skinny. None of them were in the cupcake bakery. Just the odd American, who eats cake. It's just what Americans do.

Regardless, a successful morning and a successful adventure. I'm going back at 7am on Wednesday to stand in line for rush tickets for Apollo Theatre's Twelfth Night, where a man is playing Countess Olivia! Gotta see it, even if I have to get there early and wait for a few hours. I'll get a cupcake on my way there and I'll be fine.

Currently reading: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn