We started off Saturday morning going to the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. It was jam packed. So many people showed up, and we were far from the first. We just ran around trying to get the best view, changing locations frequently. The event is complete with a full parade, that occurs every other day, joined by different bands marching towards the gate and then the actual guard changing. I just kept imaging the Queen waking up to thousands of 'commoners' as she sips her English Breakfast, tired of the fuss. There were also men on horses yelling about thieves in the crowds who will take your belongings. I started taking my friends bags to see if I would get trampled by all the king's horses and all the king's men. No such luck.

After that, we went to the markets in Camden, where there were hundreds of tents selling bits and bobs and there were some great finds. There were a lot of cool vintage shops and cheap souvenirs. Definitely the kind of place you have to take time and weed through. 

There was also a puppet lady. And normally, puppets freak me out. But this dancing puppet was jamming to the beat and actually the coolest street performance I've ever seen. I made sure to wander into the weirdest stores to get the full experience, including a t-shirt company that made light up shirts of whatever you wanted. Ideal, really.

Then this morning, Alex and I also went to the Wembley Stadium market where I found homemade sugar donuts. It was a good start to my British day. It also looks like we will need to find sunglasses before our trip to Bath next weekend, because the sun is out and it is warming up! My British daffodils have bloomed! If any one has any suggestions on places to visit while in Bath, please let me know!