There's no denying that in any city I visit, I try to blend in - look like I live there. It's an added layer of excitement for me to pretend I do, I suppose. Here, if I don't open my mouth, you'd think its a possibility to blend, but they just KNOW I'm American. THEY JUST KNOW. Regardless, everyone here is very kind and hospitable. That is easy to find in most places when visiting, but its different with the way they go about it. In Africa, I would say I was from America and the name "Obama!" would be screamed with excitement and I would be offered a discount on the fruit they were selling. I really need to work on my British accent and avoid pulling out my map of the tube. Then I'll officially be a commoner. And the Queen can have me over for tea. 

As for school, I can't wait to get started. I am taking British and American Musical Theatre, London Contemporary Theatre, UK Political Science, Shakespeare Analysis, and a Literary Landscapes class, studying the natural landscapes in the UK that influence writers. Although I am itching to get up and move around while I sit in a seat all day in school, the material and teachers are great. It's so odd coming from a school where I am up on my feet in every class I take and here I'm not. So, I am making up that time when I am not in class and exploring. It's fun to get on the tube (acting like I know where my destination is) and just roam once I get off. London fits my needs as someone who loves walking. There's so much to see and I never get tired. Even with the all the snow we've been having! It's been magical!

Alex and I went to The British Museum on Wednesday, when I don't have class...AT ALL, and visited the mummies. There were some exhibits there that really surprised me. So many of the excavated artifacts on display can only be found in this museum and the city where they came from. The mummies were a highlight, and not gonna lie, I was dumbfounded by the Africa exhibit. I discovered how much of a connection I feel with the culture now that I've been there, which is really cool.

Oh and then we got distracted by the cute cafes and clothing stores down the street. My poor wallet.