I made it! After flying across the world, and lugging my belongings around too many transit platforms, I'm officially in my 'flat' that I will be living in for the next five months. My friend and travel buddy, Alex, arrived a bit after me, and then we were off to get our British affairs in order to embark on our new lives! Studying at Regent's American College of London, we will be commuting from our charming and industrial nook in Wembley, that we were able to snag for an incredible price. My first day here, I bought a NOKIA phone to make local calls and loads of instant coffee. Coffee pots aren't really a thing here...but it doesn't even matter. I'm in London!

Later that day, we set off for campus, which is two tube stops northbound of where we're living. The campus is absolutely gorgeous because it lies in Regents Park, a huge landscape-filled with a lake and friendly birds that are hardly people shy. We got our welcome packets and sat through orientation to learn the way of the world here. We also explored campus a bit on our own, and I found my place. The coffee shop.

Then we "minded the gap" all the way home. Tomorrow we return to Regents early in the morning to continue orientation and I cannot wait! Especially since I hear that we're getting snow. I guess I had to come all the way to London to see some.