Week one has ended and I'm still alive. I absolutely love it. I'm having the best time. For the most part, besides going to play with the kids, the volunteers don't have any required chores on the weekends so it was a lot fun! On Saturday, we walked through the villages to the crater lakes in Fort Portal. It was absolutely gorgeous! There was a storm brewing before our eyes, but it never hit us. We were in some magical crater lake globe with a perfect view of the mountains and the tranquil side of Africa. Also, here is a picture of baby Moses. He was found about a month ago and was brought to the orphanage by the police. He is the most precious baby I have ever laid my eyes on. I want to eat him.

Then we went to town for dinner because it was two volunteers' birthdays. There are a couple places here in town that we like to try in hopes of getting some western style food, even though I like to get African food too. Plain chips are essentially french fries and I do get them a lot. There is one food here called a rolex, which is an omelet with peppers and cabbage wrapped in chapati (a kick-ass bread). It is called a rolex because the people here saw that Tiger Woods wore a rolex all the time and thought that the white tourists would be interested. And I am. You can buy one on the street for 1,000 shillings, which is 40 cents. Then I buy a soda for 40 cents and my body is satisfied. On Sunday, I went to church with the kids and my other mzungus. It is about 3 hours long and they do everything in both English and Roturo. It was a small mud shack in the middle of a village. These people are so honorable. They made us feel welcome and we all had to stand and introduce ourselves. They also "spread the peace" every 5 minutes. Which is one of my favorite parts of church, so I was down for it!

Then I went into town for my 80 cent meal and went back to Ibonde. We also went to a nice hotel called Mountain on the Moon for the birthday dinner. We got to pay about $3.50 to use their pool and shower. I just went and took a long shower since we don't have them in our volunteer house. They make power cuts here every day in every city and we don't get water very often, so it was crazy luxurious. To have water falling onto your body from above you. We take rain showers here often. Whenever it rains, we run outside and wash our clothes and hair. Stay tuned for this next week because I will try to post again later!

And mom, you'll be happy to know that my bug bite count=0.