With our acquired permit and our jazzed souls, we began the resupply research. Honestly, I think we made mistakes here. There are a few options for resupplying along the trail. Here is a list of the main resupply options with mileage for Northbound hikers:

Anna and I resupplied at Muir Trail Ranch and and Tuolumne Meadows. If I did this again, I would resupply at Independence P.O. and Red's Meadow. We skipped Independence because it was 7 miles off trail. Turns out, adding 14 miles would not have been a big deal. Learn from my mistake! Aside from Independence, the other resupply points listed are right off trail. Here is some information about each. 

Independence - You have to get over Kearsarge Pass in order to get to the Onion Valley Trailhead. From there, you travel to the town of Independence to get your resupply box. Here is the information for the Post Office there, where you would send your resupply via USPS. I also had a friend on the trail splurge for this full-service resupply package with the Mt. Williamson Motel. The package included her motel stay, showers, breakfast, rides to and from the trailhead, and to have her resupply waiting there.

Muir Trail Ranch - Resupplying at MTR is somewhat convenient, considering it's only .8 miles off trail. However, not only is the fee to ship your resupply a hefty $75, but because MTR is a 'vacation getaway,' hikers are hardly welcome. We weren't allowed to walk around or even go to the bathroom because it would disturb the overnight guests, making my $75 fee seem ridiculous. They did have free 'take what you need' buckets with ditched items from other hikers. This was a great perk, but I wouldn't resupply there again. You can find more information on MTR here.

Vermillion Valley Resort - Easily accessible, you can visit VVR via ferry ride. The ferry is $10 (one-way) and the port is 1.1 miles off trail. The fee to ship your resupply is $25 and if you're hiking the JMT or PCT, you receive a free beer upon arrival! This resupply location also has a hiker box filled with free goodies and a free campground. The resort is complete with a restaurant, store, showers, and laundry service. Get all the information on shipping your resupply to VVR here.

Red's Meadow - Virtually right on the trail, Red's is quite convenient for a resupply location. With a diner, large store, showers, and a nearby campground, Red's can be a great place to recoup while getting your resupply. The fee is $40 and you can find the form to resupply here.

Tuolumne Meadows - Only .3 miles from the trail, Tuolumne Meadows has a full functioning Post Office. All you have to pay for is the shipping fee for your resupply, and they hold it until you arrive. Attached to a store and grill, you can drink a cold beer while you cram everything into your bear canister. Ship your resupplies as follows: 

  • (name)
  • c/o General Delivery
  • Tuolumne Meadows
  • Yosemite National Park, CA 95389
  • Arriving by: ETA

Once you choose your resupply locations, be sure to ship them out 3 weeks before your arrival date (just to be safe)!